Our Suites

At Enrich @ 519, our 24 residential suites ensure that residents are part of a close-knit family rather than just a number.

Socializing and companionship rank among the primary contributors to seniors' mental clarity.

Research indicates that socialization profoundly affects seniors' mental well-being and can contribute to cognitive clarity. A recent study found that individuals reporting loneliness experienced a 20% quicker decline in cognitive function compared to those who didn't report feeling lonely.

These findings and others emphasize the significance of tackling social isolation and loneliness among seniors to safeguard their cognitive well-being. Cultivating social connections and meaningful relationships can aid seniors in sustaining cognitive function and overall health. Practical strategies to combat loneliness and isolation in seniors include therapy, support group participation, and social activities.

"Our companion suites eliminate the possibility of experiencing disconnection, fostering a sense of connection and unity. Each roommate is thoughtfully chosen, prioritizing compatibility and shared preferences."

Companion Suite

Companion Suites offer an economical choice while delivering two key advantages: smooth transitions and alleviating loneliness.


Private Suite

Private Suites offer an added level of peace and privacy. Opting for a Private Suite ensures that socialization remains actively encouraged.

Comprehensive Pricing

At Enrich @ 519, we recognize that preparing for your loved one's long-term care is significant. Our goal is to alleviate the burden of long-term financial planning.

Unlike other communities that impose a base rate and fluctuating additional care-level fees, our pricing structure offers transparency and stability.

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